Are we on strategy?
Did we push the creative envelope?
Are we improving the customer experience? 
These tenets guide the work we do for our clients - each and every day.


More than just box building.


Boxit Studio is a complete end-to-end solution that includes research, box curation, sourcing, fulfillment, shipping, customer experience, and data management to help great brands determine the best business model going forward.


Discover. Pilot. Scale.


We take a simple 3-step approach that provides a highly personalized experience with engagement options that range from consulting to turnkey to licensing.

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Understand brand priorities and develop a proof of concept.



Launch a fully turnkey subscription box.



Identify the best business model to scale. In-house, turnkey or licensing options.


Research 360

Boxit Studio conducts deep learning research using surveys, focus groups and market scanning throughout the process. Asking the tough questions is our job.


Concept to reality — we help each step of the way.



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Box Fulfillment & Shipping

Customer Experience


Data Analytics

Every subscription box program should offer a sense of belonging, surprise, value, exclusivity, replenishment and a meaningful connection to the celebrity or nonprofit’s reason for being.
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We'd love to explore how Boxit Studio can help grow your bottom line and social impact; one box at a time.


Frequently Asked Question

Q: “Hmmm, this sounds like a lot of work for my team.”
A: We understand your concerns! Boxit Studio offers a variety of approaches that range from a turnkey solution to licensing agreements and many options in between.